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Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing advertising content on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn etc to achieve marketing and branding goals, such as attracting more customers.


  • Social Media

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Recognition

  • Digital Media

  • SEO/SEM Strategic Planning

  • Broadcast Media

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Social Media advertising involves maintaining active social channels and targeting potential customers with relevant advertising that reflects the best aspects of your brand. We help you reach more potential customers through social media with ads, promoted content posts, and core social media language and know-how across top online platforms.

Brand Strategy

  • Research & Insights

  • Brand Positioning

  • Value Proposition

  • Brand Architecture

Social Media Specifics

Our digital marketing agency can simultaneously track the traffic coming to your social media channels or website and update your social media marketing strategy to yield the best results.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising offers businesses access to the largest social media platform in the world. In terms of reaching potential customers and expanding brand awareness, there is no better social media platform than Facebook.

Our social media marketing team helps clients create and leverage Facebook Ads in the form of image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and poll ads to generate interest in their company and to build a stronger social media following.Facebook Ad management is a great way to target your exact audience and achieve immediate results. From the time of launch, most businesses experience new leads and sales within a couple of days.

Dynamic Features helps you tailor your ads to appeal to specific customers, target by demographics, and use analytics to determine the optimal Facebook social media strategy for your company.

Facebook and Meta advertising  service by Dynamic Features

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the platform recommended for business to business (B2B) marketing, especially for businesses that are looking to drive lead generation and maximize social media advertising effectiveness. The social media marketing team at Dynamic Features can help you create your LinkedIn campaign from scratch or restart ads when you need them to target new customers. LinkedIn advertising is effective at targeting industry experts and C-suite professionals who tend to use the platform for networking, professional development, and to find solutions for their business problems. Advertising on LinkedIn provides a degree of targeting accuracy unique to social media, including options to target, filter, and exclude certain demographic targets based on your business goals. There is also a plethora of ad types, such as sponsored content, sponsored InMail, dynamic ads, and text ads.

LinkedIn Advertising  service by Dynamic Features

Instagram Advertising

Instagram has one of the largest user bases of any online social media platform. Over 1 billion people are active on Instagram, making it the perfect option for advertising products and increasing brand engagement. Dynamic Features helps our clients advertise creative content and ad formats on Instagram to boost audience growth, sell products, get more leads, and boost brand awareness. We can also integrate your Instagram campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager to gain access to targeting options and optimizations. Our social media marketing team streamlines your ad management, so you know exactly what works and what kind of results we help you achieve.Whether you have a growing Instagram following and need help managing your ad campaigns and audience or want to expand to the creative social media platform to boost your brand, our social media marketing team can help.

Instagram Advertising service by Dynamic Features

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is a great platform for brands to advertise and connect with customers From keeping up with the latest news to informing people about the products, services, and establishing an online brand identity, 

Dynamic Features helps our clients run advertising campaigns on Twitter using promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted trends, and promoted moments, among other advertisements and promotional materials. Our social media team helps clients experiment with what works best on Twitter, according to recent trends and topics that can raise awareness for brands.

Businesses, especially those in the eCommerce industry, should take advantage of Twitter ad campaigns to promote specific products and drive brand awareness. We help our clients get fast sales and boost their social media followers on Twitter for sustained online growth.

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